As seen in the video above, former Impact Wrestling star Michael Elgin posted a video to YouTube this week directly addressing the various sexual and harassment allegations against him.

One report that indicated Elgin sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel room is apparently false, according to Elgin. He claims that other pro wrestlers were sharing the room with the duo at the time, and that they would be willing to corroborate his story.

“I don’t know if anything had ever happened to this young lady. I hope that it hasn’t, and if it has, she’s found some peace and resolve,” Elgin started. “And I’m sure that that is impossible because I can’t speak on anything like that. But what I can say is that, in 2011, I did share a hotel room with the girl and I did share a bed with the girl, but what has been left out is there was four other people in the room.

“And I laid down in the bed next to the girl, asked her to come closer or have sex – I don’t know the exact verbiage,” Michael continued. “All I remember is her saying no and me going to sleep, and the next morning, the four wrestlers asking if we slept together. And when I said, ‘No’, they said, ‘Oh, we know, we heard her turn you down’. And they joked with me for months after about getting turned down.”

Another woman claimed that after meeting with friends at a bar in 2016, Elgin sent her an unsolicited picture of his groin area. Although he has apologized multiple times, Elgin has apparently seen the picture in question and he claims it is not a picture of himself.

“Obviously, a female wrestler says I sent her a d-ck pic in 2016,” Michael said. “When I saw this, I was caught off guard and messaged her and said, ‘Hey, I know that we hung out with a group of people in Japan in 2016. But I am 100% positive that I never sent you a d-ck picture. And she told me that when we hung out everything was fine, everything was cordial, and it was cool to hang out and talk, and apparently I was out with a bunch of wrestlers, and was drunk, and they caught me talking to her about wrestling, and they dared me to send her a d-ck picture and she claims I did.

“I said, ‘Wow, I’m very sorry. I had no clue that happened.’ And then she replied, ‘Well, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like I said you tried to force yourself on me or anything, and you said sorry back then. So, it’s not that big of a deal.’ But then it’s become a big deal to that person,” Elgin continued. “And again, I have all these messages because I was taken aback by why I even did that. And then she showed somebody else the picture and they showed me, and it’s not me. So, I don’t know if I was drunk and sent an image you can find online because I didn’t send mine. I don’t know what happened, all I know is that’s what she claims. And if that is what happened, I said sorry when she posted it, I said sorry, apparently, in 2016 by her own words. And I can’t do anything about that.”

Another woman claimed that Michael had called her “fat” to others behind her back, something that caused her emotional distress. Elgin said that this accusation actually triggered a different emotional response from him because he personally knows what it feels like to get bullied about his weight.

“I know how it feels to be name called and to be picked on, and sure, I joke around with fellow wrestlers or whatever whether it’s us fooling each other on Twitter, or together, yes, that’s one thing,” Michael said. “But to call any female any derogatory name, especially to others, is downgrading. And it’s just, I would never call someone fat. Like, ever. It hurts my feelings just thinking about saying that of all things because I know what it feels like to be in that situation of somebody saying something bad about you.”

The story that Elgin disclosed in the past where he or one of his friends apparently urinated on a woman is true, according to Michael. He wouldn’t specify who the person was, however, he said that everything was consensual between the people involved.

“Myself and two other wrestlers met three girls, and this was maybe 2007,” Michael said. “And we went back to the hotel, and there was joking about peeing on somebody consensually on the ride up. And we did definitely joke about it, and somebody peed on a girl in the shower when they were showering together and joked about it after. We went out with the girls the next day for breakfast, we saw them the next two times that we went to town. Like, it was an over exaggerated story that I should have never had told.”

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