While doing a Q&A on Twitter tonight to promote the show “Cannonball,” Miz gave a simple answer to a fan question about how long he will be in WWE.

The fan’s full question was, “@mikethemiz what age do u plan to retire, and would you ever take up a management role in WWE?”

The Miz’s answer was to the point, when it’s not fun anymore.

“Whenever it stops being fun,” he replied.

Miz is the host of “Cannonball,” USA’s new 10-episode competition series. Entertainment Tonight’s Rocsi Diaz is his co-host. The show airs on USA on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

As noted on tomorrow’s episode of SmackDown, The Miz and John Morrison will be interviewing Naomi for Miz TV.

Below is the Miz’s reply: