Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano and Rhea Ripley were among the WWE Superstars who took part in a virtual San Diego Comic-Con with Mattel's WWE team. During the event, LeRae's action figure was revealed, and she took the time to talk about why it means so much to her.

"It's so cool because when I was a kid, my brothers had all these wrestling figures and there weren't really many girls. I always just wanted one that looked like me and this is just crazy. My nieces are gonna lose their minds," said LeRae.

"I'm losing my mind. It's so friggin' cool; it's awesome," replied Gargano, her husband. "Just being real, the fact that one day our kid – when we eventually have a child – will have their dad and their mom and be able to play. It's nuts. Little kids that grow up as wrestling fans…"

"We'll tell them," jumped in LeRae, "that you now have the figures of possibly the best man and woman to be in NXT ever."

"The best woman's wrestler in NXT right there. No doubt," said Gargano.

After hearing those comments, Rhea Ripley then crashed the panel and gave her two cents.

"Candice, did you ever win an NXT Women's Championship? No, that was me. Did you ever defend a title at WrestleMania? Actually, that was me too. It was all me, mate. It wasn't you. You're not the best NXT Women's Superstar here. I am, and yet, your action figure's cool and all that but it's nothing in comparison to mine. Sorry," said Ripley.

Sam Roberts then asked Ripley if when picking out her wrestling gear she thinks about it becoming part of an action figure one day.

"Of course, I always think about that stuff because anything can happen and I've always wanted an action figure of myself," revealed Ripley. "So, every single gear that I make there's always a story behind it whether I post that story or not, it depends. But if there was a WrestleMania 36 action figure of Rhea Ripley, I think that would be pretty cool."

Members of the Mattel team then debuted the newest Ripley action figure and she was impressed with the level of detail.

"That is so epic. Oh my God! Legit. I was trying to picture what gear it would be from the grayscale and I'm actually really, really happy that it's this gear because it's one of my favorite sets of gear. Even though it's all black, I absolutely love it. It's even got my red stretches in there and my new haircut [laughs]. I love it. I love every single bit of it," stated Ripley.

"I have a lot of studs and chains and random bibs and bobs everywhere and you guys somehow managed to get every single one of them. I'm going through it and I'm going through what's in my head, what I remember of the gear, and it's exactly the same. That's just absolutely insane."

The Mattel team then talked about the newest basic and elite WWE action figures, including a special anniversary figure.

"Mattel and WWE's partnership is not the only anniversary happening this year," said Mattel action figures marketer Steve Ozer. "The Undertaker is celebrating 30 years of his career with WWE and we're celebrating this crazy milestone with a unique, elite action figure that's gonna have unique packaging with graphics celebrating The Undertaker's anniversary. This one is coming this fall exclusively to Walmart. So, the first time in the line basic figures coming up."

Mattel action figures designer Bill Miekina then revealed the newest basic line figures, which include Mia Yim, Humberto Carrillo, Tegan Nox, Dakota Kai and Toni Storm.

"An updated King Corbin with his staff, cape, and crown, [as well as an] Alexa Bliss – she will be the first Mattel figure to come with the Women's Tag Title," revealed Miekina. "An updated elite Bayley with the poor deflated tube man and the weapon that took him down."

Bayley's figure comes with a blue tube man with a tear in the middle from when she attacked them and made it known that she's now a heel.

"Jerry "The King" Lawler elite and Mae Young - first-ever Mattel Mae Young with the crown and the Mae Young Classic trophy," said Miekina before also revealing a Stunning Steve Austin figure with the first-ever WCW tag title, and a Davey Boy Smith figure alongside Matilda.

"We have first time elites of the Street Profits – Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford – and also the first elite figure of Bianca BelAir. Then first-ever figures of Angel Garza, Kushida and Io Shirai."

Sam Roberts then asked Ripley what she thought of the Io Shirai elite action figure, a rival of hers.

"I mean, I have to give it to you guys. You pulled it off and it's really, really cool," said Ripley. "To be honest, I'd probably buy it just to throw it at a wall you know. It's good and you should be proud; it's nice. But it's not mine, so whatever."