Renee Young Gives COVID-19 Update

In the process of imploring fans to wear masks in public, Renee Young revealed via Twitter that she has apparently recovered from COVID-19. Young used the past tense and said she "had COVID" when referring to the virus.


"Just a friendly little reminder: wearing a mask can literally be saving yours or someone else's life. As someone that's had covid – trust me, you don't want it. Be safe. Take care of each other," Renee wrote.

As noted, Renee took to social media on June 24 and revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19. Young reportedly started feeling sick with pressure on her chest and was bedridden. She then lost her sense of taste.

On June 27, it was reported that Renee had improved from the worst symptoms, although, she was still tired and her chest felt heavy. It now appears that Renee feels like her normal self again.

As noted, Young also announced an upcoming cookbook that she wrote herself, featuring more than 70 recipes. She handed over the manuscript earlier this month and will update fans through the process.


You can see Renee's full tweet below: