WWE Hall of Famer joined fellow WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Brad Gilmore on The Hall of Fame podcast where Flair gave an update on his wife, Wendy Barlow, and her battle against COVID-19.

“She’s doing great. Much better. Not 100%, but she’s doing much better,” Flair said. “It’s been over three weeks now, but it’s just was a nightmare. All of a sudden, it just came on her, and then, of course, you backtrack and figure out where it came from. She was really sick.

“I’d take her to the hospital twice for IV one, just to make sure she was okay. Of course, they released her both times after keeping her for a couple of hours, but you can’t be careful enough. In the world I live in, you just double-check and cross-examine everybody. It’s brutal.”

Flair had opened up before on our WINCLY podcast about his own health conditions. He related his wife’s battle against COVID-19 to his own heart operations that he has needed.

“I had those four heart operations. I know I’ve told a few people, but they don’t believe it,” Flair stated. “In the seven weeks with four different doctors, doing it. So, that was back in May of ’19. I was so flipped when I came out of there, I just couldn’t comprehend it.

“Trying to get four different opinions from four different people and then four different kinds of surgeries, pacemaker installation, and the thing where they put the catheter up to you, where they make sure that you don’t have any blockage. They stop and get the rhythm they put you to sleep. They shock you; you get your rhythm right back in it. The fourth one was to put in a different kind of pacemaker.”

Flair was asked if he ever thought something like the COVID-19 pandemic could ever occur. Flair was his optimistic, upbeat self noting that while everyone is dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, he hopes for the best for everyone

“Be quite honest with you, I was telling someone the other day, ‘You look at my age and you’re just a young guy. But you just want to know where the kids are. Your kids and my grandkids and even my kids now, what do they have to look forward to?’ It’s such an unknown right now and it’s just very disturbing.

“It just gets everybody insecure and on edge and I haven’t seen this before I think in my lifetime. I’ve seen a lot! All we can do is hope for the best for everybody.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.