WWE and Mattel held a virtual San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed several new WWE action figures. Among those unveiled were Ricochet’s latest figure, and he joined the panel to critique his the new model.

“If I have to say so myself, he is a handsome man. Look at him ? perfect detail ? look at the abs. Put some baby oil on them boys,” said Ricochet with a chuckle.

“The torso is a unique sculpt to get all of the abdominal muscles,” said Mattel designer Bill Miekina.

Sam Roberts then asked Ricochet what goes into his attire choice and what inspires him to change things up from time to time. He notes that his indecisiveness is the main cause, and he likes to sometimes set himself apart with the full body suit.

“Probably my indecisiveness. Since I can remember, I’ve always been into gear. I like getting new gear and opening up the box to see what it is. But at the same time, growing up and being enamored with the superhero concept and their costumes and uniforms, it’s kind of the same to what we do here,” stated Ricochet.

“I try to just be different and my style in the ring is very wild and crazy, and that’s what I like to bring with my gear ? something different. And with the bodysuits, there’s not a lot of people anymore since there’s no Goldust [in WWE] or anyone like that anymore. I thought it would be a cool once-in-a-while thing.”

The next figures revealed were those of Bray Wyatt and his alter ego The Fiend.

“We are bringing the Firefly Fun House version of Bray Wyatt with several of those infamous puppets exclusively to ringsidecollectibles.com,” said Mattel marketer Steve Ozer.

“The Ringside Bray Wyatt will include four of the puppets including Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch, Ramblin’ Rabbit and the Evil Boss, who looks like someone we all know and love,” stated Mattel designer Bill Miekina who also revealed the ultimate edition Bray Wyatt Fiend version complete with a distinctive WWE title variant.

“I think The Fiend is the definition of toy-addict. It doesn’t get more toy-addict than The Fiend. When his most recent figure came out it blew my mind but this is bonkers,” said Johnny Gargano.

“Hopefully that mask isn’t glow in the dark because that would be horrifying,” replied Candice LeRae.

“When that title was introduced you just saw it and said, ‘Please give us an action figure version of this title. Please,” said Sam Roberts. “I can’t wait until that ultimate edition Fiend is available. You guys know I came to Mattel’s headquarters and drove down there when you first introduced this line so I could get my eyes on the Ultimate Warrior and Ronda Rousey [figures] for the first time. I know there’s gotta be more ultimate edition reveals, so don’t leave us hanging.”

Steve Ozer then revealed additional figures featuring Charlotte, The Rock, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

“I’ve been waiting so long for a green hat-era Macho Man. I had those sunglasses when I was a kid. I am so happy that this is the version of Randy Savage that’s entering into that ultimate edition line,” stated Roberts.

“This lineup is so cool. You talk about the pose-ability and play-ability and everything you can do. Just picture what you can recreate with this line. You can recreate WrestleMania ? Hogan vs. The Rock. I know it’s not the right Macho and Hogan yet, but you do have this capability to put Macho and Hogan one-on-one with each other and reenact the promos from WrestleMania 5. You know, Hogan talking about knowing him like a brother and Macho Man saying, ‘You think you know me?’ Incredible! Incredible!”