Miro, formerly known as Rusev during his time as a WWE Superstar, has been busy post-release focusing on his work with video game streaming service Twitch. However, Miro hasn’t let that get the best of him physically as he has been keeping in good shape during his time off.

His days in the WWE were on his mind, reminiscing fondly of his life on the road with his then co-workers. As he thought back, one particular conversation he had amongst the wrestlers in Europe stuck out as noteworthy to him and the fans on the stream. There may be a reason why Miro feels the need to keep looking so good, as he once remembers being excluded from a conversation over who was the sexiest or most desirable male superstar.

“One day we had a discussion of who is the most handsome man in WWE,” Miro reminisced.

Miro would go on to explain the conversation started around popularity but later worked its way into who was the most attractive.

“Nominees were Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy…Shin(suke Nakamura) because we were looking about, you know, Shin in Japan he is like a god and probably the girls there throw themselves at him,” Miro noted. “Well that’s what we’re thinking about Randy and Jeff, because they’re very good looking men and everybody desires them.”

This ultimately led to them being the finalists amongst this friendly beauty contest of sorts. But there can only be one winner of course, and the man once known as Rusev confirmed who the crown went to.

“I think Randy won because men and women want Randy Orton,” adding when it comes to being desirable, “Randy definitely reigns supreme.”

Questioned in the stream if he was brought up in the conversation at all, he denied being a strong contender.

“No, well, somebody threw me in the conversation,” Miro claimed. “But it was just, you know, it’s pretty much to each his own kind of deal.”

Also brought up in the conversation was his wife Lana. She was of course involved in an infidelity storyline with Bobby Lashley on Miro’s way out of the WWE. This as well as not being a top contender in the aforementioned debate of sexiest superstar didn’t seem to phase him though.

“Like my wife thinks I’m the most handsome guy in the world, obviously,” Rusev said. “I think my wife is the most prettiest woman in the world as well. But we were just talking about as, you know, everybody combined effort kind of deal.”