WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote tonight’s Great American Bash edition of WWE NXT on the USA Network. Banks will be facing NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai in a non-title match on the show.

Banks said she’s coming to show Shirai and the rest of the NXT roster that the brand does not belong to them.

“I’m just coming down here today to show people that this is not their NXT,” Banks said. “This has always been my NXT, and that’s what I’m going to show tonight.”

Banks said she has no problem working RAW, SmackDown and NXT.

“I used to wrestle five days a week,” she said. “It’s nothing new. Working three times a week is easy for me. If I need to work Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Banks also discussed the recent controversy where old comments made by AEW star Sammy Guevara were revealed, which led to a conversation between the two where Guevara apologized. Guevara had said during a podcast four years ago that he wanted to “go f–king rape” Banks when working as an extra at a WWE TV taping. You can find Banks’ original statement on the comments and Guevara’s apologies at this link.

Banks told SI that her statement was enough, as she has to lead by example as a role model.

“As you can see on social media, I left my comment out there, I made my statement,” Banks said. “I don’t feel like I need to touch upon it any more than I did, but as a role model, I have to lead by example. I can’t show hate with hate. I only can show through education, dignity, and integrity.”

Banks talked more about how important it is to set a good example for her fans.

“We all have a journey and a story, and we’re able to tell people what we’ve overcome,” Banks said. “No one’s perfect, no one’s had an easy road or an easy life, but overcoming difficulty makes us who we are. I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve ever been through since I was a kid. If I didn’t go through those things, I wouldn’t be the strongest person I’ve ever been in my whole life.”