As noted yesterday, Xavier Woods is vying to be a host for G4TV. The channel is coming back in 2021 after several years of being off the air.

Woods gave an update that his current campaign (#Creed4G4) is trending in the U.S.

He tweeted, “Y’all got it trending in the U.S.!!! LETS GOOOO”

Several wrestlers have been sharing the hashtag from Seth Rollins to AEW Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega.

Seth Rollins simply tweeted, “Duh” while Kenny Omega wrote, “Promise to bring me on as a guest some time and sure, I’ll vote for ya…”

Naomi wrote, “The only host we want it’s his destiny #creed4g4 @g4tv” and Ricochet tweeted, “It’s crazy how perfect he is to be the host.”

Randy Orton just tweeted the trending hashtag, #Creed4G4.

Xavier Woods has a gaming channel on YouTube called, “UpUpDownDown.” The channel was started in 2015 and as of this writing, there are 2.19 million subscribers.

Below you can see their tweets: