In what seemed like a continuation of his in-ring promo on tonight’s Monday Night Raw, a fiery Seth Rollins ripped into the WWE Universe during Raw Talk.

Confronted by R-Truth, who was critical of Rollins for his actions on Rey Mysterio Jr. at Sunday’s The Horror Show at Xtreme Rules, The Monday Night Messiah declared that he was the victim in the entire situation.

“Rey was a hero to all of us. However, no one seems to understand that I am the victim in all of this. I didn’t make the stipulation, Rey did,” Rollins told Charly Caruso on Raw Talk.

When reminded that he vomited after removing Mysterio’s eye out of its socket, Rollins admitted that he was not prepared for the gruesome image of a man holding his own eye ball in his hands.

“I wasn’t prepared for the visual aspect and it truly made me sick to my stomach. However, I had to win, which is my job to do at all costs,” added Rollins.

When asked if he regretted his actions, Rollins reminded fans that they led him down his current path.

“Why is everyone trying to blame me? Let me ask the WWE Universe a question: Did they regret what they did to me? If you can say absolutely yes, then maybe I can shed some regret as well. But you if don’t want to share the responsibility with me, then what is my responsibility to Rey Mysterio?”

Rollins continued, “Remember the old Seth Rollins? Mr. Burn it Down? I liked that guy.”

When R-Truth rebutted with, “everyone liked that guy,” Rollins said, “No, they didn’t.”

Rollins also explained the vicious attack carried out against Aleister Black, soon after he picked up a victory against The Black Mass.

“For months, he’s been trying to stand in my way. He asked for what happened to him tonight. After this attack, I hope he has learned his lesson and will stop his resistance against the great good.”

Furthermore, Rollins declared himself “the leader of this industry” and that it was a role bestowed on him by the fans.

“I am the leader of this industry, and it’s not a role that I take lightly. The fans have placed this responsibility on me for the last decade, and for the first time, I am taking it seriously. I am seeing clearer than I ever have,” concluded Rollins.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio Jr. was at today’s WWE RAW taping and is reportedly scheduled to appear on WWE TV moving forward. While there’s no word yet on if Mysterio has signed a new contract with WWE, PWInsider confirmed that he is factored into future plans.