Update On Jeff Hardy's Court Appearance For October 2019 DWI Arrest

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Jeff Hardy's scheduled appearance for today in North Carolina's Moore County Court regarding his DWI arrest from October 2019 has been pushed back. He is now scheduled to appear in court on September 28, 2020, according to PWInsider.

As noted, Hardy was arrested on October 3, 2019 after an anonymous tip about careless driving lead officers to Jeff. The police report stated that Hardy stopped at a liquor store, purchased a case of beer, and was then followed by police until they pulled him over for "weaving badly in his lane".

The police report says that when he was pulled over, Hardy admitted that he got into a fight with his wife and that he was indeed driving impaired after drinking two shots of vodka. Jeff reportedly didn't cooperate with the initial breathalyzer or blood sample, so the officers were granted a search warrant by a judge to extract a blood sample from Hardy.

This October arrest came just months after Hardy was arrested for public intoxication and impairment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As a result, Hardy's license was revoked until this current case reaches a resolution.

In a way, art has been imitating life on WWE SmackDown lately, as Hardy has been talking openly about his struggles with addiction during his feud with Sheamus. "The Great White" Sheamus previously framed Hardy for a DWI hit and run on the show, leading to this Sunday's "Bar Fight" between the two at "The Horror Show At Extreme Rules".