WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was reportedly very hands-on with production of the first-ever “Eye For An Eye” match during The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday. That match saw Seth Rollins defeat Rey Mysterio by “extracting the eyeball” of his opponent.

Rollins vs. Mysterio, along with other Extreme Rules matches, were taped on Sunday afternoon at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, according to PWInsider. WWE needed to tape the match so that all elements needed could be produced properly. However, one significant aspect that was taped did not make the final cut due to a call from McMahon.

WWE reportedly filmed an entire sequence that would have made it look like Mysterio’s eye popped out. The spot used prosthetic makeup. This moment was originally scripted to be what caused Rollins to vomit at ringside, which he did after the finish that barely saw a fake eyeball pop out of Rey’s mask, with fake blood dripping down.

Vince reportedly hated the look of the special effect, and the sequence, and made the call to edit it out of the final broadcast.

As noted, word going into Extreme Rules was that WWE had plans to use CGI and special effects to pull off the “Eye For An Eye” finish. That was the original plan but WWE ended up going with the safer alternative.

It’s still believed that WWE will keep Mysterio off tonight’s RAW to sell the eye injury, while Rollins will be going up against Aleister Black in singles action. It was reported earlier today that Rey is at RAW, and is moving forward with the company. It’s possible that he appears next week as that RAW episode is also being taped today. There is still no word yet on if Rey has signed a new WWE contract, but you can click here for the latest backstage update on his status, and the reason for the finish at Extreme Rules.

WWE added to the speculation on Rey being held off tonight’s RAW with an update on the storyline injury that he suffered at Extreme Rules. As seen below, a storyline injury update was issued today that noted WWE is still being treated at a local medical facility, but is responding well to the treatment. This update came after WWE issued a post-show storyline update on Rey last night, noting that he had been taken to that local medical facility to be treated for a “potential globe luxation” injury. The storyline update also said doctors were optimistic that Rey had a chance to maintain his vision “if the optic nerve is not severed and there is not too much strain on the blood vessels and nerves that connect the eye to the rest of the head.”

Stay tuned for updates on Rey’s WWE status.