WWE And Mattel Reveal Which Superstars Will Be Included In Their "Legends Series 8" Collection

WWE and Mattel teamed up for a virtual San Diego Comic-Con where several new WWE action figures were revealed. Mattel designer Steve Ozer talked about reviving the legends line and which legends will be a part of it.

"We're celebrating our tenth anniversary partnership with WWE and as part of that, we're excited that we were able to bring the legends line back," said Ozer. "You can actually pre-order legends series 8 right now at target.com. But that's not the end of legends. We have some amazing legends coming your way in 2021."

He then revealed figures for Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior, Eddie Guerrero, Ted DiBiase, "good guy" Nikolai Volkoff, Dream Team era Brutus Beefcake and Diamond Dallas Page.

"Okay I'm not gonna lie, I'm a huge fan of Brother Brutis," revealed Edge. "So seeing Dream Team era Brutus Beefcake with ? I don't know if anyone else is noticing this but the tag team championship is silver, not gold ? huge detail there. And as shredded as he could possibly be, DDP, with the huge smile and the choppers out on full display. I was there for that whole incarnation of DDP with the vest, so this is pretty badass.

"Those blue cheetah Beefcake [tights], I mean come on! Giddy up, I'm all about that!"

"You don't get a lot of pre-Barber Beefcake action figures," replied Sam Roberts.

"No! That's Dream Team right there! I'm all in," replied Edge.

Ozer then revealed the exclusive Mattel figure which is of 80s icon and part-time wrestler, Mr. T.

"We know that Mr. T was so important to the pop culture boom of WWE in the early 80s. So, we're very proud to offer this first time in the line Mr. T figure. He went on pre-sale last month through Entertainment Earth and sold out in just about one hour and 22 minutes," revealed Ozer. "So, unbelievable response for this Mr. T figure but it you didn't get that figure during that initial pre-sale, you have one more chance if you head over to MattelCreations.com right now you can try to get this Mr. T figure."

Mattel action figures designer Bill Miekina then noted that there will be more Mr. T figures coming out soon.

"The next Mr. T in our lineup will be an elite multi-pack representing his boxing match at WrestleMania 2," stated Miekina. "Mr. T and Rowdy Roddy Piper in boxing gear, and they will also have their soft-good robes on these figures as well."

"And there is more Mr. T. Of course, being synonymous with the 80s, it only makes sense to join the Masters of the WWE Universe," said Ozer. "So, in Wave 4 of 2020 you will be seeing Mr. T, The Fiend as a tribute to the trap-jaw, Jake The Snake Roberts as a tribute to King Hiss and Seth Rollins.

"A sneak peak of what's coming in 2021, you're gonna see The Man Becky Lynch joining The Heroic Warriors, The Master of Dragons Ricky Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper with his battle armor and it looks like Macho Man made a heel turn and has joined the evil horde, The Horde World Order. Macho Man Randy Savage in Wave 5 of Masters of the WWE Universe."

He then talked about the upcoming Rattlesnake Mountain ring featuring Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan joining the Masters of the Universe line.

"That's all anybody needs, right? That's all the 80s," said Candice LeRae.

"Wrestling. 80s. Mr. T ? that's it," replied Johnny Gargano. "I mean, look at that ring. It's amazing. This looks like a ring where it would be Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Randy Orton ? Rattlesnake Mountain. It's a dream match.

"Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? No, we need this. We need snakes on turnbuckles. That's what I wanna see."

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