“The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles took to his Twitch stream this week to answer a variety of questions, including what his thoughts are on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his business partners purchasing the XFL before it went to auction earlier this week.

“I’m excited about that! If there’s one guy that knows [trends], and people will get behind, it’s The Rock,” AJ said. “Well, it certainly was cheap. I hope he’s able to get after it. Not that Vince wasn’t going to, but under the circumstances, The Rock got it and I think he can do something special with it. I really do.”

Despite his excitement for the relaunch, AJ noted how it’s unlikely it will be happening during the COVID-19 times.

“You can’t pull it off at this time; you’ve got to get teams and all this stuff. I think the teams that were are just not anymore, so yeah, I just don’t see that happening during the COVID times.”

AJ also gave his opinion on the new RAW Underground segment that was featured this past Monday night on RAW. He believes it was entertaining, but also mentioned how he would like to see it occur in different locations over time.

“Here’s what I think: I think it would be so much cooler – and hopefully we will get to this – in my head, I think it would be so much cooler if we would get to fight in different locations,” AJ explained. “It reminded me of Lionheart, where Jean-Claude Van Damm was fighting that dude in the pool, you know?

“That kind of stuff, like one in a parking garage, a tennis court, stuff like that. That would be cool! So, I don’t know if that would be smart though because you’re not in a ring, but still,” AJ finished.

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