Backstage News On Future IWGP US Championship Match Between Jon Moxley And KENTA

As noted, NJPW star KENTA was the winner of the NJPW Cup USA this past Friday night, granting him a future championship match against the current IWGP United States Champion, Jon Moxley. There was no announcement about the future bout despite KENTA getting on the microphone and calling Moxley out after the tournament concluded.

As of this weekend, there is no set date for the future KENTA – Jon Moxley IWGP US Title match, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio. Moxley and everyone else involved reportedly want to carry through with the match, however, travel restrictions in certain areas have created challenging hurdles.

If Moxley were to travel to Japan to compete, it would be likely that as an American citizen entering the country, he would be quarantined for two weeks upon his arrival. The same could possibly happen upon his return, as some state and local governments have issued mandatory quarantines for those returning home from international travel.

This would obviously create an obstruction when trying to work with his current contracted employer, AEW, who has been filming their show Dynamite weekly or bi-weekly as of late.

It was also noted by Dave that Moxley's AEW contract restricts him from working with other major companies while in the United States. This bans Moxley from appearing on shows like NJPW Strong or the upcoming Fighting Spirit Unleashed, both of which have been filming at NJPW's training dojo in Los Angeles .

Stay tuned for updates on this future match.