Much has been made about Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign and much has also been made about how he lost the title. Brock Lesnar defeated Kingston in just 10 seconds to take the title and Kofi hasn’t even had another world title opportunity since then.

That hasn’t sat well with many in the WWE Universe or many in the WWE locker room. Fellow New Day member Big E spoke out about Kingston’s lack of opportunities on Talking Smack and that video can be viewed below.

“Kofi is far too humble, far too do-the-right-thing to mention this, but I’m gonna say this because it’s never been said publicly ? Kofi is a guy who had his legs cut out from underneath him. To see what happened in the match between him and Brock and to see no title opportunity after that and he just goes back into tag teams, that’s disrespectful,” said Big E.

“I was WWE Champion at one time and the same thing happened to me where I needed to rebuild and regroup myself,” replied The Miz. “I wish I could have taken Kofi and said, ‘Look, you need to make sure that whatever happens after your WWE Championship run that you don’t lose that main event status and you don’t feel like you’re not a top star in WWE.’ Honestly, I was a victim of that and there’s no doubt in my mind that I should have been where I was. But now I keep working and working and dedicating myself to trying to be a WWE Champion once again. That’s why I’m telling you your jokey stuff is fun, great and entertaining but it’s not gonna work to get you to the Universal Championship.”

Big E then reminded Miz that he didn’t wait 11 years to get his first World Title opportunity like Kingston did. He’s also gotten subsequent World Title opportunities including competing for the Universal Championship just a few weeks ago at Backlash.

“You’ve gotten many opportunities and I get your very talented and deserving,” Big E said to The Miz. “Kofi waited 11 years for that one opportunity. Then it was gone, poof, just like that and back to doing tag stuff.”

“But he could have fought that,” said The Miz. “What’s the one thing they tell us in developmental when we’re trying to build ourselves up? If you have five seconds on a television show, that is your opportunity to make people believe you deserve better and deserve more.”

Big E reiterated that Miz didn’t have to wait 11 years tolling away in the mid-card for a World Title opportunity to which Miz contended he’s waiting right now.

“I’ve been waiting. I’m waiting right now. Right now,” exclaimed Miz. “I wasn’t even supposed to be here today and they were like, ‘Oh, we need a host so we’re gonna get The Miz’ because I can do it all. Can you?”