The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are both currently out of action, which has left Big E to run on his own in singles competition. Fans have been vocal for awhile now that Big E has the potential to be not only a top guy in WWE, but the champion.

Some have felt Big E may need to lose some of The New Day antics though, if he wants to be look at as a bigger deal. Booker T initially said he should “shed” some of The New Day elements if people are going to look at him like the World Champion. Booker has since felt his thoughts about Big E have been twisted, and went into further detail about what he meant.

On Saturday, Talking Smack made its return to the WWE Network with Kayla Braxton and The Miz co-hosting the show. Big E also appeared as a guest, and was asked what he thought about needing to become more serious as he looks to climb the ladder in WWE.

“Was I not serious in the match with Sheamus?” Big E responded. “Was I not serious? Did you not see me turn up? When the time calls for it, I’m serious, but to come out here and be serious and be someone I’m not. I’m going to sink or swim on my own merits. I’m going to be myself ? whether people like it or they don’t ? I want to bring something new and original to WWE. I want my path to be where it’s not like, ‘He didn’t try to be John Cena lite. He didn’t try to be Roman Reigns lite. He was himself from the beginning.’

“Why would I change? If people think I’ve been worthy of a WWE Title opportunity for all these years, and I’ve been a goofball for all these years. Now why am I suddenly serious to be on this path to becoming a World Champion, or whatever the singles path is. Why does that make any sense at all? When the time comes, when I’m in the ring, I will deliver.

“That is my goal to deliver, to give you my very best, but to be stoic for no reason ? I did that. I was stoic, I came out here with no personality for years, when people didn’t care. I worked hard to little to no reaction. I’ve done that path. I’ve gone down that path. Now, I’m going to be myself, I’m going to be free, I’m going to forge my own path. I’m not going to try and be like anyone else. All that matters is when the bell rings ? can I get it done? I think I can get it done.”

You can check out the clip in the video below. The entire Talking Smack is currently on-demand on the WWE Network.

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