AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes was on a recent episode of Busted Open, where she talked about AEW’s new Unrivaled Series of action figures. She commented on being the only female action figure.

“First action figure was teased like a carrot dangling in front of Bugs Bunny for many, many years about an action figure, but here we are, and she’s stunning. She’s so pretty,” Rhodes remarked. “Little Bran Bran is what we call her.”

Dustin Rhodes gave a heartfelt reaction when he found out he would be getting his own action figure. Brandi talked about her reaction to seeing kids receiving their action figures from their parents.

“Honestly, it’s something that if you were to tell me 10 years ago I would have an action figure in the store, I would have never believed it. But today when I’m seeing these kids opening these packages, and their parents bringing them home and giving their kid the sheer joy, I’m not surprised at all because if I was a kid again and I knew what I was going to be 20 years from now, I would have pre-ordered years ago the action figures for me because that’s better than any Barbie I ever had,” Rhodes said. “You know, the Barbies used to seem so promising and I would get them. And then, the next day, I accidentally cut their heads off. And, you know, they’re not as cute anymore.

“Little Bran Bran and everything she promises to be, she’s fully mobile, functioning, she can hold that sledgehammer. And, I will say, I don’t recommend giving her that sledgehammer because, you know, the kind of mystique of Elf on a Shelf? Lil’ Bran Bran is a little like that, she’s popping up at places that I did not put her which is starting to get scary. So, I wouldn’t give her the sledgehammer because you may come home and your kitchen may be in the middle of a remodel. So, be careful with that.”

Rhodes carries many roles in AEW, including her title as Chief Brand Officer. She spoke on her roles in AEW and her desire to win and to achieve success.

“Well, I really like winning,” Rhodes stated. “So that’s one thing, but then I also like being recognized for my brilliance, so that’s another thing. You know, it’s hard to say, it really is. But I will tell you this much, I’m not going to stop my winning streaks by any means. I mean, by any means.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.