Brian Pillman Jr. is signed with MLW but has not had any matches for them recently since they went dark due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Pillman is still wrestling as he’s appeared on AEW Dark and will soon make his OVW debut. Pillman talked about how MLW feels about him working these other promotions when he joined Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“OVW has never been restricted to me and neither has AEW. I haven’t heard from MLW in a while ? I used to talk to them all the time but they don’t answer my phone,” revealed Pillman. “I’m sure they’re cool and there’s no hard feelings. I guess everything’s that been said has been said and they told me I’m free to chase opportunities outside. I think my contract restricts WWE and NXT and that’s it. They know that I know what I’m not allowed to do and sooner or later I’m sure we’ll try to come to an agreement where MLW can release me.

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s not any guarantee on any shows happening. I understand it’s a pandemic and it’s just business. There’s no hard feelings and I absolutely love that company and wrestling has been nothing but good to me for my whole career.”

He thanked MLW for allowing him to take chances, while also making it clear it’s within his legal right to take these booking. Pillman also said he has bills to pay such as rent so he needs to work.

“What a blessing it was for Al Snow to reach out to me on Twitter and text me and give me that opportunity to go down there [to OVW]. To have weekly work during a time like this is such a blessing,” said Pillman. “I couldn’t imagine a company being able to provide that weekly, professional television. It’s real work ? I show up to OVW TV my first day and I’m on the job. This is my job and this is my life. I haven’t had to go back to a shoot job ? knock on wood ? over the pandemic and not having to go on unemployment. It’s very beneficial for me to stay working and stay sharp in the ring and keep on keeping on.”

Pillman was then pressed by Hausman about whether if would prefer that MLW cut ties with him and be released.

“Yes. If I’m fully transparent since about June 1 I’ve been actively trying to request my release and free myself of the obligations of MLW,” revealed Pillman. “Again, no hard feelings but they have obligations towards me too. They have to have so many shows take place in order for my end of the contract to be valid too. So, I think that would also free them up of some responsibility. I think it would be a win-win situation if they released me. Everybody’s gotta a different opinion on what’s a win-win situation.”

MLW has produced lots of young talent that have gone on to do big things. Pillman believes he should be allowed to have those same opportunities.

“With this whole pandemic and lockdown, this is a great transition period. We don’t have to go back to those old storylines and this is a good time to reset everything and let everybody find a new home to begin to build with. That’s why I think it would be a great idea to let people go that wanna go and keep the people that wanna stay and reward those that wanna stay. There shouldn’t be any hard feelings and there shouldn’t be any friction for those that wanna reach other work,” stated Pillman. “I’m sure during a pandemic you can’t prevent people from getting work. They’re not doing that and they’re not preventing me from getting some gigs. But this process is a little bit slower as I transition to try and get a full-time gig. But like I said, it’s all business and no hard feelings there.”

Another MLW performer with a famous father is also likely to depart soon as Davey Boy Smith Jr recently revealed his contract is up soonYour text to link…. Pillman went on to discuss the possibility of fellow New Era Hart Foundation member Davey Boy leaving MLW.

“They’re not losing or gaining anything by releasing him; I don’t know why they keep him on. Also, he only has until December. He can ride it out and everything will be as good as gold,” Pillman said before being asked if he wants to continue working with Davey.

“I really enjoyed my time with Davey Boy and that’s a memory that will last. I think the storyline we had with the Opera Cup and the prestige behind it, again, giving credit to MLW. It was a decision I was on board with since day one and I love the way that wrestling was presented as a sport there and as a competition. I loved everything about working with MLW but at the same time, I’m really starting to come into my own as a singles competitor and working with different guys in AEW, I’m starting to find my own there too.

“So I think maybe some time away from the Hart Foundation just to kind of find myself would be good for me but I definitely want to return to working with Davey Boy down the road in the future. That’s something you can’t recreate and you can’t force that. That was a very organic composition we had. Obviously with Teddy carrying a huge weight on his shoulders too. Both of those guys took care of me and covered up where I could carry the team. It was a true honor to be a part of that and it was a true honor to be the tag champs with them.”

Brian Pillman Jr.’s OVW debut will air nationally on YTA Network on August 14th. It will be re-released a few days later on OVW’s YouTube channel. For more information please visit Brian’s full interview aired as part of today’s episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it’s released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.