Bruce Prichard has been in the wrestling industry for over 30 years and spent most of that time with WWE. Today, he is the Executive Director of both RAW and SmackDown while also co-hosting a podcast with Conrad Thompson.

With his vast experience in pro wrestling, Prichard was asked what his least favorite title belt of all-time is on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard.

“As far as concept, the six-man tag team championships were just created for the Von Erichs and the Freebirds. It was just silly,” said Prichard. “Design-wise…”

When Thompson suggested the Spinner belt, Prichard noted that he that the belt was “excellent.”

“The spinner was f–king excellent man,” replied Prichard. “I’d probably have to say the tag team championship belts that are now in the WWE.”

“So did you like them when they were copper or bronze?” asked Thompson.

“Copper-penny, I hated them. I hate the design, really hated the copper-penny look,” stated Prichard. “I’ll give you another one ? the Southwest Tag Team Championships, San Antonio Southwest Championship Wrestling. Those were the most God-awful championship belts of all-time. Their Southwest Title was the drizzling sh**s. [It was a] Mickey Mouse-looking belt, but the tag team titles were the lamest ever in the history of championship belts.”

Prichard says he loves the 24/7 Championship, and he was then asked if the new US Title needed some blue paint added to it near the stars up top.

“Subjective – I think it would have made it pop. If I was doing it, then I probably would have done that, but I like it. I like the three-dimensional aspect of it,” said Prichard.

He added that he likes the new US Title more than the old one. Bruce also mentioned how he has not seen the unfinished version of AEW’s TNT Championship in order to give his opinion on it.

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