Chris Jericho Responds To Fan Who Called Him "COVID God"

Chris Jericho responded tonight to a fan who called him "COVID god."

Jericho and his band Fozzy have been facing criticism for going on tour in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa during the pandemic.

The fan tweeted, "Covid god is more like it. Wait till the AEW roster gets a little bit of the Rona."

The former AEW Champion shared that he has tested negative 12 times.

Jericho's full response, "Sorry pal. Tested Negative w the swab for the 12th time...."

As noted during his Saturday Night Special, Jericho explained why he decided to go back on tour.

"We actually did four shows this week, and the reason for that is we had our 'Save the World Tour,' which was originally scheduled for April and May, but it got postponed to July and August, then got postponed to October and November," Jericho said. "Four shows remained in August, and I was like 'How?' The shows are in South Dakota, and North Dakota, and we have one in Fort Madison, Iowa, which is right near the border of South Dakota. ... The reason why the shows have happened is because these states of North Dakota and South Dakota have low COVID cases, less than 1,000 in both states, I think Florida had 9,000 today alone."

Below you can see their exchange: