Like millions of other Americans, Diamond Dallas Page and his family had a recent brush with COVID-19. Dallas was asked by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman how everyone is currently doing when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“Great now. It’s really crazy because a lot of people don’t take this stuff seriously and I was taking this stuff seriously to begin with so I was the last one anyone thought was gonna get it. We did all the stuff from prepping stuff coming in and wiping stuff down because supposedly the virus could live on plastic, steel, cardboard and all that. I took all of that into consideration and my daughter Brittany was amazing. My girlfriend Paige was really good too. We kept at it and then they opened up Georgia to Level 2,” DDP said of his home state.

“When sh*t hit the fan, I got a call from TMZ because a bunch of those guys do my DDPY program. They were like, ‘This is the best thing going right now because people are trapped at home and they can’t go to the gym, so do you wanna come on and talk to Harvey about it?’ I go ‘Yeah’. So, it was great because Harvey and Charles were cool about it. They didn’t know the program but they knew it from people that worked there. They were blown away by what people were calling my Second Act and that was really cool.”

DDP said the Georgia governor wanted people to get back to work but some restaurants and nightclubs will go out of business and won’t reopen. DDP was formerly a nightclub owner and he’s well aware of the hidden expenses that come with that business which could lead to them closing permanently.

“A lot of places aren’t gonna open if we don’t get places open and make some kind of money. So, he opened it up and TMZ called and asked if I’m gonna open and I’m like, ‘No.’ They were like, ‘Awesome’ so basically they wanted me to bury the governor [laughs],” said DDP. “You know how TMZ is. They’ve been very good to me over the years but they’re still TMZ.

“Bottom line is, I told them I wasn’t gonna open and they asked if I thought it was wrong with the governor. I was like, ‘Listen, Georgia is a really rural state. Atlanta is a city but everything outside is country pretty much.’ There’s hardly any COVID there and the COVID is in Atlanta. So, I really walked that fine line because I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I think that’s the most bulls*** thing of all. To me, wrestling is real next to those assh****. Bottom line is that it was a really good thing because all of this is booming by business. It’s getting out there that, ‘DDP has a home workout you can do.’ No, it’s the best one.”

He then talked about his home workouts that accommodate people from all walks of life, from pro athletes to those that are largely immobile. His appearance on TMZ eventually led to an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

“I had Anderson Cooper laughing twice which you never see on CNN. It gave us another really nice boost and it made people aware of what we’re doing,” stated DDP.

“Then you start to feel a little more comfortable because they’re opening up more stuff and I’m like, ‘I wanna get stem cells in my knee.’ There’s a place outside of Baltimore called Timonium. The company’s called LifeMed Institute. Years ago I became very good friends with the guy who owns that place Kent Baklor and his fiancée Jen. Their personal touch is through the roof ? they take it to a whole different level.”

Dallas noted the services the institute provides such as “vitamin drips”, which he says are like eating a thousand oranges in IV form. The doctor there also does Botox and stem cell therapy.

“He gives me a helluva deal on stem cells and the ones I’m using are placenta-based and are super expensive. But I’ve gotta fly to Baltimore and I figured I’d take my girlfriend Paige as we’ve been together about six months,” said DDP. “I go, ‘Well, let’s go see your family and then we’ll go and see my family and then we’ll come back.’ As soon as I got to Baltimore I walked into LifeMed Institute and I got a call from my chiropractor and he tells me, ‘You’re not gonna wanna hear this. I already told you my son is sick; he’s got COVID and so do I. So, I’m calling you to let you know.’ I’m like, ‘Noooo!’

“I was lucky I got a test and they gave me the results in a day. I don’t know about anyone having that in Atlanta. Long story short ? two hours later we knew we didn’t have it. So we did our tour and came back home. My daughter was supposed to be getting married this week and they went to the bridal shower where someone had COVID. There were 16 people there and seven people got it. Out of that, one of the people who went to go see their aunt and uncle ? those two people ended up in the hospital. That shows you how that stuff can spread.

“My girlfriend came back and we’re sleeping together and next thing you know I’m sick and she’s sick. Thank God Brittany didn’t get sick and for some reason she didn’t get anything.”

DDP said his girlfriend Paige got it very bad and the reason he thinks he didn’t get it that bad was because of the vitamin drip he was taking.

“I knew about that because my ex-wife got cancer six years ago. I took her to Mexico and that’s the kind of stuff they did ? a lot of IV drips and 10 percent was chemo. She never lost her hair but got wore out because it was cancer treatments. It didn’t kick her ass like the chemo would have,” said DDP. “So, I learned a lot about that stuff. I’m all about preventative maintenance. I was like that in wrestling as I was the first guy to ice his body in pro wrestling. I would ice my knees and back and every match. Everyone was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ I’m trying to prevent injury and trying to take down swelling. I’m 35-and-a-half starting and my career took off when I was 40. If you look at me today at 64, I just spent an hour and 15 minutes doing DDPY Jacked which is the new thing I’ll have out in the next two weeks and it’s gonna change the face of fitness.”

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