WWE NXT star Dominik Dijakovic returned to Twitter last night and once again posted a cryptic tweet that he quickly deleted.

In the message, Dijakovic wrote, “Level 3 Encryption: bluefalcon821.txt. Executive Attack Order.”

An individual on Reddit pointed out that blue falcon may be related to the military term used to describe a supposed comrade whose actions ultimately harm his friends, often but not always, for his own benefit. The “821” could be in reference to today’s date, August 21, and the episode of SmackDown that is set to air tonight.

This isn’t the first time Dijakovic has tweeted something similar. Earlier this month, he posted an image of a static pattern, similar to when a television loses it’s signal, and tagged Vince McMahon in the caption. Seen in small letters in the bottom right hand corner of the image were the words “we are in control”.

Since early this month, Dijakovic’s Twitter name has remained as just a period. He also blacked out both his profile and cover photos, deleted his tweets, and is no longer following anyone. There has been speculation that Dijakovic may be a member of RETRIBUTION, the new stable that has been wreaking havoc on WWE RAW and SmackDown, and that his recent actions online are building to that reveal

You can see the since-deleted tweet below: