Matt Cardona Talks His Short Term Deal With AEW

Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) is currently working on a five appearance deal with AEW as Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported last week.

Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda has since had the opportunity to speak with Cardona, who confirmed the short-term deal, and is fully expecting to stick around for the long haul with AEW.

"Yes, so there's a couple appearances, a few appearances right now, but listen...I'm not here for a little vacation," Cardona said. "I'm here to win the TNT Title, the AEW Title, to get all those action figures! I'm here because I want to be here. You know what I'm saying? So we'll get there. Just stayed tuned. Everybody just take a chill pill, and relax, and enjoy the show!"

Cardona made his debut for AEW last week on Dynamite after making the save for AEW TNT Champion Cody from The Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds. Cody and Cardona are now set to face Silver and Reynolds in tag team action on Wednesday's show.

The former WWE Superstar was released in April due to the company wide cuts from the COVID-19 pandemic.