As a friend to both The Young Bucks and Gallows and Anderson, Rocky Romero is seen as kind of the conduit between those two teams. There was some talk of dissension between the teams who were once friends regarding Gallows and Anderson re-signing with WWE in 2019 instead of joining The Bucks in AEW.

Romero was asked about his relationship with The Bucks and how AEW is handling the COVID situation when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I don’t talk to The Bucks as much as I did in the past because that’s just how the wrestling business goes where when you’re working with somebody and you’re with them every day constantly you talk about. Then all of a sudden once you jump out of this pool and go into another pool, you just end up doing your own thing. But I keep in touch with them a little bit?,” said Romero.

“I think they’re doing an amazing job with AEW and they’re killing it. How they’ve handled the COVID situation, they are the ones to look at because I feel like they are setting the standard in American in how to do it. You would think the biggest company, and the big-money company, should be the one setting the standard and I feel like in some ways they’ve done well but in some areas they’ve completely dropped the ball but AEW has picked it up.”

He added that the way AEW had handled the pandemic has leveled the playing field a bit and once it’s over then they will really blow up.

“I don’t think that most people really see it coming just yet. So, kudos to them,” Romero said before circling back to the relationship between The Bucks and Gallows/Anderson.

“I think it’s all cool now. With the Bucks you’ve gotta to remember that the Bucks, Gallows and Anderson go back so far ? the original Bullet Club. This was a time when nobody was a name yet. The Bucks weren’t a name and Gallows and Anderson really weren’t a name. Gallows was probably the biggest name because he was Festus then Gallows in WWE. Then everything exploded and everybody became who they are with Bullet Club. There are deep roots there and I don’t think that a business decision ? especially when it comes to families and why they did it ? will be something to hate each other in the long term for it. It’s all love in the end and we’re all having the same struggle. We’re all trying to climb the ladder and I feel they’re pretty understanding and are good human beings.”

Gallows and Anderson recently signed with Impact after being released by WWE and Romero was asked if the pair will also help foster the relationship between Impact and New Japan.

“I think it will definitely help in a positive way. Absolutely. Scott D’Amore was very helpful in Talk’nShopAMania and helping us out and Impact as well. So I hope so and I think if anybody could really bridge the gap ? if any talents that could ? I think Gallows and Anderson would be the ones,” stated Romero. “Then with Impact being so willing to do whatever they can to make sure Gallows and Anderson are happy and being able to work with New Japan when that time comes. I feel like it’s definitely a step in the right direction for sure.”

New Japan famously likes to keep factions apart in public which could present a problem as Romero, Gallows and Anderson all host the Talk’n Shop podcast. With Romero part of Chaos and Gallows/Anderson former, and perhaps future, members of Bullet Club, then they would be in opposing factions and Romero was asked how serious New Japan is when it comes to keeping apart factions in public.

“Very serious. There could be something in the future where Talk’n Shop doesn’t happen with Rocky,” admitted Romero. “That’s kinda something we’ll probably have to take on when the time comes because I’m pretty serious about New Japan as well and how the factions run. We kinda did the old one back in the old days but this was before New Japan was privy to all of these podcasts and what we’re doing. So, we kinda did it under the radar. But I don’t know. Obviously, if they’re gonna be Bullet Club and I’m in Chaos, that might be a bit of an issue so we’ll see. I don’t know. I try not to think that far ahead because we still gotta go through so much to get there.

“It’s something that we definitely have talked about a lot over the last couple of months. It wasn’t a problem because those guys were in WWE before so we weren’t even thinking about that.” Rocky’s full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it’s released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.