Former WWE Superstar Miro (Rusev) had a few choice words to a fan who shared their opinion about how WWE should have fired Lana instead of him.

The fan later deleted their tweet after Miro responded.

The fan’s full tweet was, “Why does everything with @NatbyNature and @LanaWWE have to be so cringe. And since Lana can’t wrestle just gotta find something to do with her. Ugh wish they kept @ToBeMiro and fired Lana. Now Everytime Lana is on screen it’s bathroom break #alwaysrusevday”

Miro replied, “Hey you know what F you , dude. Wishing for somebody to be fired speaks volumes of a shi–y person. Fix your shi–iness now before you pass is down.”

Miro was released by WWE last April and finished his 90-day non-compete clause on July 18.

As reported in July, while during a Q&A on Twitch, he shared that he was done with wrestling and wanted to be a professional Twitcher, YouTuber, and content creator.

Below you can see his response: