Is Miro, formerly known as Rusev, actually done with pro wrestling for good?

Miro, released by WWE last April, finished his 90-day non-compete clause on July 18, and has since been rumored to arrive in either AEW or Impact Wrestling.

However, the Bulgarian star is admittedly focused on being a professional twitcher, YouTuber, and content creator. While interacting with fans on Twitch, Rusev was asked whether he would consider returning to wrestling or potentially making a WWE comeback.

“I’m done. I’m done, man. I’m just enjoying my Twitch. I’m a professional Twitcher, YouTuber, and content creator. I’m not a wrestler anymore. Can I be your favorite streamer?” Miro said on Wednesday (h/t to Fightful for the transcription).

In the same Q&A session, Rusev also spoke of his last interaction with Vince McMahon since his release from WWE. “I texted Vince, I haven’t talked to him. I texted him, it was a nice conversation.”

Over the past few months, Miro has invested a ton of time and energy toward building up his YouTube and Twitch channels. Besides interacting with fans and playing video games, Miro’s Twitch streams often include previously untold stories about his experiences in the wrestling business. Most recently, Miro recounted a story about who wrestlers backstage voted as the sexiest WWE superstar.

Miro also recently posted a photo on Instagram showing that he is keeping himself in phenomenal shape.