The former Rusev, Miro, has been staying busy on Twitch since being released from WWE last April. On one Twitch stream, the topic of Rusev Day came up.

Aiden English had commented on Rusev Day recently saying that Vince McMahon had believed that fans were mocking Miro when they chanted “Rusev Day.” On his Twitch stream, Miro thanked fans for buying his merch to the point of becoming one of the top-selling merch in WWE.

Miro recently spoke about confronting McMahon over his merchandise sales. He once again discussed the conversation he had with McMahon regarding “Rusev Day” catching on.

“I went to Vince, and I went, ‘hey Vince, we have something here,'” Miro recalled. “He’s like, ‘no, they’re f–king with you.’ What do you mean? ‘Yeah, they don’t mean Rusev Day’.”

Rusev then cited his merchandise sales being sold out. McMahon then claimed that the reason the merchandise was sold out was because not enough was made.

“I’m like, ‘sir, our merchandise is sold out everywhere, online, in-stores.’ He’s like, ‘what do you mean?’ I said, ‘well, the shirt is sold out. We’re the number one selling merch.’ You know what he said? I’m not even lying. He says, ‘well, maybe they didn’t make enough.’ [Miro does a dramatic pause and stare] OK. [laughs]. Yeah, man. It’s all good though. It’s part of the journey.”

You can watch Rusev tell the story in the video above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Miro’s Twitch stream with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.