Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract expired months ago and he had been working without a contract. But that recently changed as he has reportedly agreed to a new deal after considering an offer from AEW.
Mysterio’s AEW offer equaled WWE’s per-match offer but WWE’s deal is higher since it included more dates and thus more matches. Ryback weighed in on Mysterio turning down AEW’s offer on “Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri.”

“I would love for him to end up in AEW. I’ve heard those numbers and it’s speculation as I’m not directly involved and you can only go by what you’re told,” said Ryback. “The numbers are not bad but that is what it comes down to ? if WWE is offering you $1 million and AEW is offering $400,000 and you’re only working one day a week but if you break it down, you’re actually making what you would make in WWE for the same as far as per match.

“It comes down to do you want the money? But it also comes down to what you’ve got going on in life. Rey’s a wrestler ? he’s not running a business or doing other things that I know of. He could very well could be. But that number that WWE has given him is more enticing to him at this point in his life than taking the lower amount. Even though it’s less dates, he knows he could suck it up and he knows he has another year or two in him. He’s just gonna get through it and his son is tied into a major angle.”

Ryback said that for someone like himself with many other things going on, AEW is more enticing as it’s just one day a week. He would also get to own his trademarks and brand and says he would make more money than ever before on that type of deal with AEW.

“With those guys that are straight in on wrestling, you’re just looking at the total number. It makes sense and nothing but respect to Rey. He’s earned every right to make as much money as humanly possible,” stated Ryback.

“I wish AEW ? it’s not my money ? but I wish they would get a guy like Rey. It helps tremendously getting every big talent they can and Rey works hard. He’s a hustler and he’s not gonna just come in there and just collect a check. He’s gonna work with all your guys and he would just elevate everybody especially a lot of the smaller guys and teaching them selling and psychology because Rey has that. He’s the gold standard of that. So that’s where I kinda look at it ? that’s a valuable asset to have for your promotion even if he’s not wrestling. Pay him that money just to be backstage but it’s okay.”

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