Tetsuya Naito won the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships against EVIL at today’s NJPW Summer Struggle in Jingu. With Dick Togo in EVIL’s corner, the champion tried every cheap tactic (lowblows, chairshots, and run-ins) to keep his title, but Naito was able to get some help from his LIJ stablemates to even things out.

Naito landed his finisher, Destino, to finally put EVIL away and win back both championship titles. Commentary noted Naito wants to defend the title separately in his upcoming matches. Post-match, Naito thanked the fans, and fireworks went off with Naito posing to close out the show.

This is Naito’s third time winning the Heavyweight Title, and the sixth time with the IC Title.

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You can see the title change in the images below: