Former WWE and ECW wrestler The Blue Meanie made another appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast to discuss his podcast Mind of The Meanie with co-host Josh Shernof. Blue Meanie also discussed SummerSlam and gave his thoughts on how Dominik Mysterio will fare in his match against Seth Rollins.

“It’s been interesting to see the evolution of Dominik. When I first met Dominik, he was a baby,” Blue Meanie revealed. “I just left WWE. ECW had folded. I was doing independents. I did an independent show in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Rey Mysterio was on the show. And he brought his entire family. I met Dominik and Aalyah, and to see Dominik from when he was like up to my knee, now, he’s like taller than his father.

“He was there when I went back when they were doing the stuff with Eddie Guerrero being his father. I was there for that run. It’s just amazing. It’s just weird. It’s amazing to see somebody go from being a little little kid to this grown-ass man, and I’m excited to see how it goes. It’ll be a great match. Dominik’s trained with the greats like Lance Storm. He’s been at the PC, and Seth Rollins is a phenomenal worker. I think they’re going to have a great match.”

Blue Meanie was asked by Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman if he thinks Dominik will do well in his SummerSlam match. Meanie says he will reiterate the training Dominik has done in the Performance Center, and he said that it’s more of a matter of Dominik finding his footing in the wrestling business or “finding his sea legs”.

“I think he does. Well. It’s just a matter of, I’d say, finding your ‘sea legs’ in the business,” Blue Meanie described. “I was in ECW for three years, but you go to WWE, and it’s a totally different experience and stuff like that. And you have to figure out the WWE way and find your ‘sea legs’ in their environment, but like I said, he’s been at the PC. Working with Seth is probably a day off. So I think he’ll do great, and I think he’s been doing great. And I think he will do great.”

This year’s SummerSlam was slated to be in Boston, MA, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans were cancelled. It will now be held at the Amway Center in Orlando.

One independent promotion that has returned to business is GameChanger Wrestling. GCW have run shows in Atlantic City recently and have planned out more shows in the future as their implementation of social distancing rules have been seemingly successful. Blue Meanie gave his thoughts on GCW running shows during the pandemic.

“Oh absolutely. There’s definitely a buzz about them,” Blue Meanie noted. “Brett Lauderdale and those fellas over there at GCW are doing a fantastic job. I found them on social media. I follow Brett. Brett’s a good dude, and I’m really happy for him. You know you’re doing good when I’m like, ‘man, how are they doing this,’ and somehow, they’re just pulling it off. And I ran shows for a little bit. Not to say I was like this master promoter, but 3PW, I mean just running in Philadelphia, it was a pain in the neck.

“I can’t imagine they’re taking these shows all over the country between Indiana, Atlantic City [and] all this stuff. So it’s dizzying, and it’s a very admirable of what they’re doing. So hat’s off to them. The more product the better. They’re entertaining folks, and they seem to have a buzz about them. Like I said, they have positive yards [and] positive momentum, and more power to them.”

One wrestler that Blue Meanie highlighted was Nick Gage. Gage is known for his deathmatches and his brash, no nonsense in-ring character, but his Cameo videos promoting transgender rights and other social topics have made his viral, and Blue Meanie revealed that he’s considered purchasing a Cameo video from Gage.

“Nick Gage is the best. I almost want to get one of his cameos just to have him say something to me,” Blue Meanie admitted. “I mean we’re cool. We’re buds as it is, but just to think of Nick Gage on Cameo, it’s amazing.”

The Blue Meanie and his Mind of The Meanie podcast co-host Josh Shernof will be providing alternate commentary for WWE SummerSlam on August 22nd via The stream is FREE! Meanie’s full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it’s released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.