Welcome back in and thanks for joining us here for another great episode of AEW Dark! There are seven matches on the card tonight and live coverage will begin right here at 7:00pm EST. Make sure to join in on the discussion leading up to and throughout the show.

Dark is rolling and we are ready to get things started with Taz and Excalibur handling the call this evening.

Sean Legacy vs. Will Hobbs

Legacy is making his AEW debut in the match. Hobbs is coming off a great showing in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out. Legacy going for the knuckle lockup, but kicks Hobbs in the midsection. Hobbs takes him down with a shoulder tackle, then lifts him up with a knuckle lock of his own and shoulder tackles him again. Legacy hits the ropes and goes for a cross body block but Hobbs shoves him away in mid air.

Back to his feet, Legacy gets hoisted up for a delayed vertical suplex. Hobbs follows it up with a snap suplex. Hobbs back on the offensive with another slam. Hobbs lifts Legacy up and finishes the match with the Oklahoma Stampede and gets his first victory in AEW.

Winner: Will Hobbs

Tony Donati vs. Brian Cage

Donati charges Cage, but is thrown into the corner and Cage follows it up with a release German suplex. Cage follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Donati is reeling and gets lifted by Cage and thrown across the ring. Donati hits a pair of flying forearms before eating a superkick from Cage.

Cage powerbombs Donati and follows it up with a buckle bomb. Cage ends it quick with Weapon X.

Winner: Brian Cage

Griff Garrison vs. Angelico

A lockup will get the match started and Garrison uses his size advantage to back Angelico to the ropes. Hold breaks and Angelico goes to work with a wrist lock. Garrison reverses, as does Angelico. Garrison counters and hits a snap mare takedown. Garrison with a quick roll up and gets a two count. Garrison follows it up with an elbow strike before Angelico sends him into the middle turnbuckle.

Angelico sends Garrison sternum first into the corner. Garrison is down and Angelico is employing an unorthodox submission that resembles a figure-four on Garrison’s head/neck area. Ref breaks the hold and Garrison brings the heat with a few hard right hands. Angelico with a drop toehold and sinks in a reverse STF. Garrison gets to the ropes, gets back to his feet and takes down Angelico.

Garrison hits a Stinger Splash in the corner. Goes for another but eats a boot from Angelico. Powerbomb from Garrison and a pin – two count. Angelico back in control with an unorthodox ankle lock and Garrison taps.

Winner: Angelico

Anna Jay vs. Skyler Moore

Anna comes out on fire and hits a raising knee. Moore with some nice offense, but Anna rolls to the outside to stop the momentum. Back in the ring, Anna regains control and sends Moore to the corner, followed by a big kick. Moore comes back out and strings some nice offense together, followed by a pump handle slam.

Quick cover, but Anna kicks out. Anna regains control and sinks in a reverse choke hold – Moore taps out.

Winner: Anna Jay

Lee Johnson vs. Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston looking for a strong follow up to his showing in the Casino Battle Royal. A lockup will get it started. Johnson with a side headlock, Kingston shoves him off. Johnson with a shoulder tackle attempt, but Kingston doesn’t budge. Johnson tries it again, but no go. Kingston slams Johnson and Johnson fights back to his feet, albeit momentarily as Kingston stomps him down.

Johnson back up and eats a strong chop. Kingston kicks him down to the mat. Brutal chops drop Johnson again. Johnson sent to the corner and gets a boot up to stop Kingston. Johnson comes off the ropes with a dropkick and follows it up with a Blue Thunderbomb. Cover and kick out at two. Johnson comes off the ropes but Kingston drops him and follows it up with the spinning back fist for the finish.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Sonny Kiss vs. Serpentico

Serpentico charges but Kiss dodges. Kiss follows it up by dodging a couple more charging attempts before hitting an arm drag takedown. Kiss fires back with punch combos and a strong elbow strike. Serpentico is on the apron and hits a big kick to the face and comes over the ropes for a stomp on Kiss. Kick to the back of Kiss and a rolling elbow. Pin attempt and a two count.

Serpentico stomps at the hands of Kiss and wrenches the neck area before sending Kiss to the ropes. Kiss freezes and gets the boot up. Axe kick from Kiss and a split right across the throat for the pin. Two count. Impressive suplex from Kiss leads into the back handspring b—h slap. Cover and another two count. Kiss goes up top and misses a moonsault press. Serpentico with a stomp to the midsection of Kiss. Cover and a two count.

Roundhouse kick staggers Serpentico and Kiss comes off the top with a front flip pin attempt. It’s good enough to get the three count.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Ricky Starks vs. Ben Carter

Carter making his AEW debut against Starks. Starks fakes the handshake and drops Carter. Starks with a couple of takedowns. Carter with the go-behind, Starks reverses, as does Carter with the wrist lock. Ricky with a side headlock takedown. Back to their feet, Starks works the wrist some more, but Carter reverses the hold. Carter goes over the top of Starks, then back through his legs, but Starks shuts him down.

Starks hits the ropes and eats a dropkick from Carter. Starks is in the corner and Carter follows it up with a chop. Starks out of the corner and hits a big slam on Carter. Starks taunting him now and send him head first into the turnbuckle. Starks pulls him up and Carter reverses with a few chops before Starks hits some heavy rights. Starks using the ropes to choke Carter before sending him into the ropes and hits a back elbow.

Carter with hard rights and chops. Carter charges and eats a big boot. Waist lock and slam from Starks. Cover and a two count. Starks stretching him out in the middle of the ring. Back to his feet, Carter hits a jaw breaker. Starks regains control for a moment, but Carter with the schoolboy pin – two count. Carter up top and hits a frog splash. Cover and a two count! Back up top, Carter with a Phoenix Splash but misses. Starks with a spear and follows it up with the Roshambo for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks