AJ Styles recently spoke on his Twitch stream and was asked who he had always hoped to meet and work with that came to fruition. Styles revealed that Sting was the one that comes to mind, and he praised what a great guy he was to work with and be mentored from.

“Now that’s a great question,” Styles said. “It’s got to be Sting for me. He was just so cool to work with and learn from. Such a great guy, and he helped me a lot.”

Styles was later asked about the worst time he’s ever been sick but still had to perform. He revealed he luckily hasn’t had any really bad instances like that, but did say he hates wrestling when he has sinus issues.

“I really haven’t ever had any bad ones,” Styles said. “The last time I wrestled when I was sick was against Chris Hero, when I was on the indies. I had a sinus thing, and I hate wrestling like that because it just drains you. It’s the worst.”

Styles was also asked about a couple of moves that fans haven’t seen in a while, and he stated he’s trying to work a bit smarter in his older age. He admits he is afraid he’d hurt himself if he was to pull them out of the bag.

“One move I’d like to bring back is the Shooting Styles Press,” Styles said. “I’m just afraid I’d hurt myself doing it; I’m not a young cat anymore. Same deal with the Spiral Tap – I’m getting too old to be pulling that stuff. I’d probably hurt myself trying that one.”

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