Arn Anderson spoke at length on his YouTube channel about the night Sting suffered a career-ending neck injury at the hands of Seth Rollins, after Rollins hit him with a buckle bomb at Night Of Champions 2015. Arn went on to give his thoughts on the move, saying he fully believes it was an accident. He also revealed that he is not a fan of doing moves where the performer can’t fully see where they’re going to land.

“I don’t know if I would have had any problems doing it,” Arn said. “The key is, and this is entirely up to the guy giving it to you, you need to hit that buckle right above your shoulder blades, not with your neck. And I think Sting hit it with his neck, and that’s one of those things that there’s not much margin for error.

“To be honest with you, not being a precisionist, I wouldn’t want to do that to a guy and trust myself to get it perfect. And I don’t know that I would have ever wanted to take it. I’ve been in the ring with some great workers, but anything that I can’t see that’s behind me – I wasn’t a big fan of german suplexes or this buckle bomb because you can’t see where you are in the air.

“You can’t adjust and it’s just blind faith,” Arn added. “Not that Seth was ever reckless; I don’t believe that, or that he did anything too quickly or maliciously. I’ll never believe that. It was just an accident. Accidents happen in this business, and if you’re not used to hitting that buckle – and it’s been years since Sting hit turnbuckles – and to hit one that way where you can’t even see where you’re landing, it’s just pure accident. That’s all it could have been, if I was a betting man.”

Arn went on to say that, initially, he thought Sting was just selling the move, and it was only after the ref gave the signal that someone was hurt that he realized something was wrong. He also noted that had it not been the main event, WWE would have stopped the match and let it be over.

“Believe it or not, the first thing that went in my mind was that he was just doing a great job selling,” Arn said. “I didn’t think, ‘Oh God, he’s hurt his neck.’ That didn’t cross my mind because it wasn’t one of those things where he landed on his head or something obvious. It was just one of those things, ‘God almighty, he’s really selling that great,’ and then, obviously, when the doctor was sent down and the referee gave the sign that somebody’s hurt, then it became, ‘Okay, him falling like that, that’s got to be something else, and something else probably pretty serious.’ Normally, they would have just – had it not been the main event, they would have just stopped that match right there and it had been over.”

Arn also revealed he was unable to get too close to Sting after the match due to the medical staff surrounding him. Instead, he believes he was in the process of talking to John Cena about it.

“No, I couldn’t get near him,” Arn said. “To be honest with you, the medical staff was surrounding him and there wouldn’t have been a way to get to him anyway. I think I must have been talking to Cena backstage. Sorry to say, I probably wasn’t watching the match as close as I should have, but I would have been talking to John about it probably at that point, because it wouldn’t have been that much longer since their fast match finished.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.