During the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson answered questions from his listeners about things like Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s debut, Cruiserweight wrestling, and who he would’ve liked to wrestle in his last match. Anderson also talked about Matt Sydal and EC3 potentially signing long-term deals with AEW.

Sydal made his AEW debut this past Saturday night at their All Out pay-per-view. However, there is still no word on if he will, or already has, signed a contract to work long-term with the company.

“You never know,” Anderson said. “Matt Sydal, I saw probably about a year ago at a signing in, believe it or not, Jacksonville. Before I was working with AEW, I went to a signing there, and he was there and I talked to him a little bit. And basically, he said his body was pretty beat up. To be honest with you, that day we were talking, he was limping pretty good.

“EC3, I don’t know if he’s better suited for where he is on Impact. I don’t know; you never know in this business. I know he’s a young guy, he looks great, he certainly has got a lot of years ahead of him in the business. Who knows what the next year will break to us all? I look forward to it, and it’s going to be interesting to see who goes where, and for what reasons, and just how the business is going to evolve.”

On the August 12th episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody debuted the final design for the TNT Championship. Unfortunately for Cody, he lost the belt just weeks later to Brodie Lee. Anderson gave his opinion on the design and why he believes the man makes the championship.

“It’s too early yet to tell,” Anderson said. “The man makes the championship, the championship does not make the man. So, going by where the champion goes from here, the wars he goes into, how many of those he survives and prevails, how the championship is respected and treated, that all comes from the talent.

“It’s only an important championship if everyone in the room makes it important. If it’s number one on the list, that’s where they want to aspire to be. Then it becomes something and the champion, just as Cody has done, he has faced all challengers and just about all the time he’s come out of that thing a winner. And his opponent – a winner. But I feel like the talent will either decide the fate of the championship or not.”

Anderson was also asked during the show if he had ever been the agent for one of The Undertaker’s matches. He said Michael Hayes was the one cast as being The Undertaker’s agent. Arn explained he was glad to be involved if the opportunity arose because of the respect he had for Taker.

“I may have had a couple of matches,” Anderson said. “Probably a handful, but that’s about it, and it was always a pleasure because there’s a guy who was the judge if you went to ‘Wrestler’s Court’. The most respected guy in that locker room. And it wasn’t because he was the tallest, or toughest, or made the most money. It’s because of the way he applied himself to his craft, and how he always wanted to be the best he could, and bring out the best he could in you. He was just a true pro.”

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