Bruce Prichard spoke on a recent episode of Something To Wrestle With about Chris Masters’ run with WWE. Prichard referenced that Masters was receiving a big push, but he questions whether it was too much too soon, and said Masters’ “demons” ultimately got the better of him.

“I just think that Chris had his own demons during that time frame and they got the best of him,” Prichard said. “It was unfortunate, because I think that first of all, the human being – when you have Chris in a clearer head, I think he’s a sweetheart of a human being and someone that really wanted to make it in the business that had the tools. He might have gotten too much too soon, and with that, it looked – it was like he got pushed. And I think people expected more out of him than what he was able to give, but then he also believed that he belonged in that spot.

“I think Chris had a few things working against him, and timing, and sometimes your demons will get the better of you,” Prichard added. “It’s a little harder for some to recover than others. But look, Chris had a hell of a run during that time, and his program with Shawn [Michaels], the match [Unforgiven 2005] was great. It told an excellent story, and at the end of the night, Shawn got his hand raised but Chris still left whole because Shawn didn’t break The Masterlock.”

Prichard went on to say he disagreed with the notion that Shawn Michaels didn’t “pass the torch” during their match, and he praised his work in doing more for Masters than anybody else during that time.

“Well, I couldn’t disagree more with that Shawn didn’t pass the torch,” Prichard said. “Holy s–t, Shawn, I think, made Masters in this match and left him with his gimmick intact, not breaking The Masterlock. He did more for Masters in this match than he’d been done the entire time he’d been there.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.