In anticipation for his NJPW debut, WWE veteran Fred Rosser, fka Darren Young, joined Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily to discuss what to expect from his debut and his possible future in NJPW. On his possible future, Rosser was asked if he sees himself with NJPW long term.

“I hope so absolutely, like I said, 36 years old, still got a lot left in the tank,” Rosser noted. “I feel good. I look good. I’m here to represent. I’m here to bring the Block the Hate movement to New Japan, and I’m doing just that. My coming out story with WWE had a galvanic effect on the wrestling and entertainment world. It paved the way for other athletes to come out and be themselves. Me with New Japan, I’m breaking barriers, and I’m coming in there and I’m letting loose and I’m representing the Block the Hate movement.

“It’s definitely going to be running while in New Japan, and I hope it’s long term. I want it to be long term, but again, I’m a fly on the wall in this whole situation. So I just need to just watch and just keep my eyes open. The Bullet Club, I got to keep my eyes open and have eyes in the back of my head because The Bullet Club could be coming for me. But like I said, I feel great. I look great, and the sky’s the limit for Mr. No Days Off Fred Rosser, my government name.”

Rosser expressed his desire to someday wrestle in Japan once borders are able to open up as the world manages the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that this current opportunity with NJPW Strong is a foot in the door for him for bigger moves in the future.

“Well again, 19 years, September 11, in this business, in this element, I just want to be a fly on the wall,” Rosser admitted. “I just want to be able to learn from the guys that are on the roster. Like I said, every time I step in the ring, it’s just like a new experience for me. I feel like it’s my first time in the ring. My goal, ultimately, is to perform in Japan.

“So this is just my foot in the door to make moves in America, and hopefully in 2021, I can venture out to Japan and do some tours. And hopefully, we can have some fans in attendance here in the states. Like I said, I’m a fly on the wall. I can only just keep doing what I’m doing and just stepping out the box, and that’s what I’m doing is stepping out the box.”

When asked who some dream opponents are for him, Rosser named multiple NJPW stars. He also expressed his determination that those dream match-ups will happen.

“I’d have to say probably like Kenta, [Hiroshi] Tanahashi, Dave Finlay [and] Jeff Cobb,” Rosser said. “Those are guys I definitely want to lock horns with in the ring, and I think it’ll happen. I think it’ll definitely happen. So we’ll just have to watch and see.”

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