Erick Rowan recently took part in a Q & A with Pro Wrestling Junkies and discussed whether he has any interest in reuniting with current AEW TNT Champion, Brodie Lee by joining the Dark Order. Rowan said while he isn’t opposed to the idea, he questions whether now would be the right time to make that happen.

“I’m not really sure how to answer that question because I’m not used to him being the leader,” Rowan said with a laugh. “I’ll have to watch a little bit more of his stuff. Yeah, I’d love to lock back up with Brodie and get back together, but there’s a place and a time for it, you know? Now just might not be the right time.”

Rowan hasn’t appeared on professional wrestling programming since his departure from WWE. He did share that he has a movie scheduled to release next year, and that he’s been training to stay ready for his return to pro wrestling. He admits that he doesn’t want to join a company where he will be lost in the shuffle begging for TV time again.

“You can catch me in a movie called, ‘Ghost Of The Ozarks’ coming out in 2021,” Rowan revealed. “I’m just not saying no to anything, and seeing what all is out there besides wrestling. Wrestling right now is so slow, and so many people that were let go are showing up and popping up in these other companies, and there’s only a few companies out there. So it’s like, if we have all these people go to the other companies, then it’s just going to be the same thing – too many guys trying to get pushed at once.

“So, I’ll let them do what they need to do,” Rowan added. “Once live crowds come back, hopefully I’ll be back. The movies are just an avenue that I want to explore and something I’ve always been interested in. This has just afforded me the opportunity to explore it, which is nice. I’ve been hitting the ring and shaking the ring rust off. I’m staying ready; always ready. Wrestling is my first love, so, we’ll see.”

Rowan was later asked by a fan about his abundance of tattoos. Rowan noted that you are supposed to ask WWE’s permission before getting tattoos, but his ring attire hid a lot of it, so he just kept getting them done without asking anybody.

“So, I started getting tattoos in 2013 or 2014 when I got hurt,” Rowan said. “I had the surgery and was keeping my mind off it, so I started getting the leg tatted, and then ended up getting a sleeve, then the other leg. Then once we started the Bludgeon Brothers, we were wearing the cuffs on the ring attire that covered most of it, so I didn’t have to ask permission. Most people have to ask permission because WWE owns everything to do with your likeness.

“I decided to get that all done without asking,” Rowan added. “And then it was like, ‘Well, they obviously haven’t noticed or don’t care, so let’s get the rest of it done.’ I just started showing it when working with Daniel Bryan.”

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