Former WWE & Impact Wrestler Announced For Next Week's "Primetime Live"

Former Impact and WWE wrestler Elijah Burke (D'Angelo Dinero) will be making his "Primetime Live" debut next Tuesday.

The match is Burke & Watts vs. NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice & a mystery partner.

Burke made his NWA Powerrr debut on December 23, 2019.

"Primetime Live" is a weekly PPV series from NWA and United Wrestling Network. It's available to watch on FITE.

Results for the lastest episode of "Primetime Live" is available at this link.

Below is the current card for next week's show:

* The Pope & Watts vs. NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice & Mystery Partner

* Chris Dickinson vs. Max Castor

* Bryan Idol vs. Levi Shapiro (with Howdy Price)