Ric Flair posted a video from Jay Lethal where the ROH star just wanted to let “The Nature Boy” know he was thinking of him. Lethal also did his Flair impression that fans will remember from their 2010 encounter in TNA when Lethal wowed people his own version of Flair.

In the video below, Lethal started off the video saying, “Naitch! It’s me, Jay Lethal ? the real ‘Nature Boy!’ I just wanted to send you a video and let you know I was thinking about you and tell you you’re the greatest of all time.”

“And I just wanted to say: ‘little girls lookin’ at their mothers!'” Lethal finished as he switched into Ric Flair mode.

“Still Stealing It! My Guy! WOOOOO!” Flair responded in his tweet.

“You are the greatest! Ever!” Lethal wrote back.

Lethal is currently participating in the Ring Of Honor Pure Title Tournament where he beat Dalton Castle in the first round. In the next round he’ll face either David Finlay or Rocky Romero.

Flair joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily earlier this month and you can check out the full interview here.