WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair caught up with Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast to talk about a highlight-filled SummerSlam show. Not only did “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt capture the WWE Universal Championship from Braun Strowman, but Roman Reigns made his return to WWE by attacking both Wyatt and Strowman. Flair have his reaction to Reigns’ return to WWE by praising the star power that he will bring to WWE.

“I loved the stuff with Bray and Braun, but then to have Roman come out. Here he is,” Flair stated. “The dude’s back man. My wife’s asking me, ‘is he gonna stay around for a while, or is that just one night?’ I have no idea, but I can guarantee everybody’s going to be watching tonight and Friday to see what he’s doing because he’s just brings that star power, and he looked fantastic.

“One thing I like about Roman besides being the handsomest wrestler of all time, he brings a star power look to the show. He’s a world-class D-1 athlete, which I like the kids that have done well in college, and I have so much respect for that, but to take it to this level, come out [and] leave The Shield, everybody kind of went their own way, and to see him come last night and deliver at the last possible moment on the highest spot of the show.”

Many on social media believed Reigns’ attack to be a heel turn. However, Flair pointed out that it was just Reigns asserting his pursuit for the Universal Championship.

“They had the rockstar come out at the end and kick ass,” Flair said. “I think that’s great. With Roman, you want them to have the opportunity to figure out which way they want to go with them. He came out, and thank God he was hitting Strowman hard with the chairs. He laid them in, and Braun’s a big, strong guy. He can take that, but then he got in the ring and speared him. I thought it was great. He said, hey, I’m here. I don’t care which one’s got the belt. I’m going to get it. I thought that was a great way to bring him back.”

WWE is now hosting their shows, outside of NXT, in the Amway Center in the ThunderDome. Flair praised Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn for bringing a live crowd experience back to WWE saying it brought more than other sports leagues’ attempts at virtual fans.

“Last night, as promised, the whole thing with the ThunderDome I mean it was like working in front of a live crowd,” Flair admitted. “It was tremendous, and I mean you watch. Everybody in the next couple weeks are gonna be like, ‘man.’ I mean you’re watching the NBA game, nothing going on. You turn on SummerSlam, everything going on. That’s all him and Kevin Dunn and whatever creative people have input.”

Flair was last seen on WWE TV being stretchered off RAW following a punt kick from Randy Orton. Flair discussed the possibility of him returning to WWE TV and his belief that WWE is worried about his health since Flair, 71, underwent heart surgery last year.

“Well, God only knows. I want to come back, but to be honest with you, I haven’t been told I have in so many words, I think they worry about my health issue,” Flair revealed. “Even though, I have fallen down. I went skiing. I’ve done all of that just to show them that I could do all this. I think the bigger issue with my heart was I had that blood clot. I’m off blood thinners. How I’m still alive, we’ll have to figure this out.”

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