Miro recently spoke with interview with Chris Van Vliet and took the time to discuss the highly criticized love triangle storyline between him, Lana and Bobby Lashley. He went on to reveal that a lot of things in that storyline were created for “one time pops” including Liv Morgan interrupting the wedding. He also said the company was aiming for controversy with their stories at the time.

“One time pop,” Miro said. “No plan. A lot of things were made for one time pops. That was it. People thought and they made up all these things. No, it was a one time thing that was great and was going to get people talking because at that time the showrunner was about getting people talking and controversy. That’s why the whole thing happened, you know the Bobby thing, it was all about controversy and we achieved that.

“Unfortunately now there’s no follow through, but that’s what happens when you change people all the time,” Miro added. “You build CJ (Lana) to leave her husband and be the worst. She’s still probably the baddest heel on their show and now she’s doing all this for what? To throw away everything – the whole year before like nobody remembers that? But again, that’s them and they can do whatever they want but I’m just stating the obvious. One time pop.”

Miro also mentioned that he never watched Lana and Lashley’s kissing scenes during the storyline, but understands that it’s a work and they’re all actors.

“That’s a question that you need to ask her and him because I wasn’t kissing him,” Miro quipped. “It’s their choice. Well, it’s not their choice because that’s what they were told – To use real aggressive kissing.

“Was it good to watch? No I never watched it, but at the same time I understand it’s a work. We’re actors. The question that you just asked is one that people always ask me and every time I respond the same way – ‘Ask her. She’s the one kissing him. Ask him. He’s married. He’s got kids and they have to watch the show’. Ask them, don’t worry about me.”

Miro also mentioned that going to work while with WWE could be dreadful, but now that he’s with AEW all is seemingly good in his life. He made his long-awaited in-ring debut on last week’s Dynamite where he teamed up with Kip Sabian to defeat the team of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela.

His return to the ring brought a scary moment as it was reported that he had legitimately tweaked his ankle in a spot where he was sent outside the ring. Miro came up favoring the ankle, but was able to work through the pain. He is reportedly fine and not expected to miss any time.

You can watch the interview in its entirety in the video above.

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