As noted earlier, WWE moved forward with Aalyah Mysterio in the current storyline between Seth Rollins and The Mysterio Family on last night’s RAW.

There has been some speculation on if this may lead to Aalyah pursuing an in-ring career with WWE, but apparently that is not the case. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Aalyah will be working as an actress on WWE TV, not as an in-ring talent.

It’s rumored that last night’s RAW angles will lead to Aalyah turning on her family, but that has not been confirmed. The big angle last night saw Rollins present DNA evidence that allegedly proves that Dominik Mysterio is not Rey Mysterio’s real son. An emotional Aalyah was later approached by Murphy backstage, which was a follow-up to Aalyah checking on Murphy after last week’s Steel Cage match. Murphy apologized to Aalyah for everything that has happened, and said the whole thing has gone too far.

Stay tuned for updates on the Mysterio Family storyline. Above and below are videos from last night’s angles on RAW: