WWE Rehashes Dominik Not Being Rey Mysterio's Biological Son Angle, Aalyah Added To Storyline

After much speculation over the last week, WWE kept Aalyah Mysterio in the storylines on last night's RAW.

There was a segment on this week's RAW that saw Seth Rollins produce DNA test results in an attempt to prove that Dominik Mysterio is not really Rey's biological son. In 2005, there was a big storyline on SmackDown that Dominik was really Eddie Guerrero's biological son, and Guerrero allowed Mysterio to adopt Dominik because he was having trouble conceiving a child.

Rollins then turned his attention to Aalyah, and pointed to how she checked on Murphy following last week's Steel Cage match. Rollins said that the test results may show that it's actually Aalyah who is not Rey's biological child, as opposed to Dominik. Rey tried to keep Rollins from talking about his daughter, but this just angered Aalyah and she stormed off.

There was a backstage segment later in the show where Aalyah lashed out at her father. She stormed off again and was later startled by Murphy when he walked up on her in another backstage segment. Murphy apologized and said the whole thing with Rollins has gone too far and gotten out of hand. He continued and said if he's done anything to hurt Aalyah, he's sorry. Aalyah did not respond but she seemed receptive to his apology.

Aalyah has not commented on the storyline developments on her personal social media channels.

You can see clips from last night's segments above and below. Stay tuned for more.