Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone were joined by the Best Friends, Trent and Chuck Taylor, on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to talk about their current run in AEW. Orange Cassidy also joined the podcast, and he chimed in from time to time whenever he felt like it. When Cassidy joined the podcast, Schiavone asked him about his WWE tryout, and Cassidy had a quick answer about it.

“I never tried out for WWE,” Cassidy replied.

Trent then talked about his time in WWE. He admitted that he was too young at the time and probably should not have signed with WWE when he did.

“I got signed. I was in FCW when I was 19 – no, wait – 20,” Trent recalled. “I was there from 2008 and then I was up on fake ECW for a little bit. It was like five years total from 2008 to beginning of 2013, but I was a little baby. Like, I shouldn’t have been there; I didn’t know what I was really doing.”

Last year, Cassidy spoke with Wrestling Inc. about what it is like to live with Chuck Taylor. On AEW Unrestricted, Taylor talked about how long he’s known Cassidy and what it is like to see him grow into one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

“I’ve known him since 2006,” Taylor revealed. “Yeah, I’ve known him a long time.”

“I mean, we were actual roommates,” Cassidy added. “So, I just went to shows with him.

“I’ve said it before in a bunch of interviews, but like, watching him since roughly 2008, I think you started doing Orange Cassidy more as a character and seeing him get from no reaction to negative reaction was usually where he lived,” Taylor noted. “People just didn’t understand, and if you fast forward to now, especially when we had crowds where he was like the most over guy on the show, it’s insane. But watching people be like, ‘what the hell is happening? Why is this guy out here? [From] ‘I hate him’ to now, that is real cool.”

Cassidy was asked his thoughts about his rise in AEW. Cassidy said that it still doesn’t feel real, even going as far as saying being interviewed by Schiavone is surreal.

“Yeah, I mean, this still isn’t real,” Cassidy admitted. “We’re sitting here talking with Tony Schiavone about Orange Cassidy. What are we doing?”

Cassidy’s rise started with his feud against PAC that culminated at Revolution. AEW President Tony Khan has spoken before about how he and AEW wanted to build Cassidy, and on AEW Unrestricted, Trent talked about why that is his favorite AEW match so far. He admitted that he cried during that match, and Taylor revealed his circumstances during the match as well.

“I think that was my favorite AEW match so far,” Trent revealed. “So, we were ringside cheering him on. He’s getting his ass kicked, and then when he finally started hitting his comeback, the crowd was so hot for his comeback that I’m supposed to be like cheering for him on the outside, and I started like tearing up. I’m like, ‘oh God, what am I doing? What am I doing? I’m crying ringside because his comeback is going so well. Yeah, that was a beautiful match.

“There was one part when he was making his big comeback, I started jumping up and down. And I’d say 50% of it was excitement but the other 50% was knowing that I had to climb in the ring and jump out,” Taylor said. “So, I was like trying to stretch a little bit.”

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