There’s now a lot of speculation on Alexa Bliss and Ramblin’ Rabbit from Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.

Many people apparently did not notice this but Rambin’ Rabbit appeared in the background of Friday’s SmackDown segment, which saw Bliss apologize to Nikki Cross for the tension they had the week before. You can see the Firefly Fun House puppet in the background of the segment in the tweet below.

Wyatt mentioned how Ramblin’ Rabbit was missing during the Firefly Fun House segment on Friday’s SmackDown. This is the same segment where he promised to introduce a new friend to the Fun House this coming Friday night. There’s been some speculation on Wyatt’s new friend being something called “Wobbly Walrus” based on a new WWE trademark, but there’s now speculation on Bliss coming to the Fun House this week. Bliss has been involved with The Fiend and Braun Strowman for several weeks now.

As seen below, Cross took to Twitter today and commented on the apology segment with Bliss. She also mentioned re-watching the segment proved to her that something feels wrong, which could be a reference to Ramblin’ Rabbit’s presence.

She wrote, “Friendships……and sisters…go through ups and downs. I have made my share of mistakes-I shut her out. I pushed her away. I still feel horrible for that and I have to make that up to her. But something is going on. I’m not imagining it, rewatching this proved it to me.”

Stay tuned for updates on the Bliss – Wyatt storyline. Below are the related tweets: