Mick Foley received a compliment from Chance the Rapper this evening on social media.

The interaction started after Chance asked on Twitter if it was too early to listen to Christmas music and Mick Foley told him it wasn’t too early.

Foley’s full reply was the following, “It’s September @chancetherapper- one of the BER months (SeptemBER, NovemBER, DecemBER) so clearly, it is NOT TOO EARLY for Christmas songs!”

The “We Go High” and “No Problem” singer retweeted Foley’s reply and wrote, “I JUST REALIZED THIS IS MANKIND.”

Foley wrote, “IT CERTAINLY IS! Nice to meet you @chancetherapper Play a Christmas song for me!”

Chance the Rapper then told Mick Foley how he had the most heart out of anyone in WWF.

His full tweet was, “You had the most heart out of anyone in wwf I salute you sir”

As many fans know the WWE Hall of Famer is big into both Christmas and charities. In 2017, he wrote the book, “Saint Mick: My Journey From Hardcore Legend to Santa’s Jolly Elf,” starred in the documentary, “I Am Santa Claus” and last year donated $4,000 to Christmas Magic.

Below you see their interaction: