Renee Young’s eight-year tenure with WWE wrapped up at SummerSlam, but that’s not to say she’s completely done with wrestling. She was in attendance at AEW’s All Out pay-per-view to support her husband, Jon Moxley, and will likely return to cheer him on.

She talked about being able to be there for her husband in person and not having to hide the fact that she was at an AEW event when she appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event.

“I’ve been to shows with Jon before, but obviously I never made a big deal about it and wasn’t posting any photos or tweeting about it. I’m not looking to pick up dirt anywhere because, you know, it’s gonna end up everywhere and it’s gonna seem like it’s a big deal. But it was nice to be there, and it didn’t matter if somebody took a photo of me there. Or, I tweeted at MJF and it was like, ‘Ooh, sh*t is going down!’ So it was fun just to participate,” said Renee.

She added that when she’s there, she’s just Jon’s doting wife, which is fun for her. She also said she enjoyed the show and was stoked to see Matt Sydal in the ring.

“I thought that Jon and MJF absolutely tore it up. I thought they told a great story. It was a lot of fun to watch, and I realize I fall for stuff all the time. I’ll be watching things and freaking out; I can’t get a grip on it. It was a lot of fun to sit there, and watch, and enjoy the show. It’s fun to be a fan again,” stated Renee.

Moxley has been in some pretty violent matches since joining AEW, including a Lights Out match vs. Kenny Omega last year. She was asked about that match, and if it’s tough at times to watch her husband’s matches.

“I watched that through my hands. I was so stressed out watching that. Normally, he’ll give me a heads up if I need to be cautious watching something,” revealed Renee. “It can be really difficult to watch that stuff, because my issue with it is if he’s going balls-out like that, then I’m like, ‘Oh, you’ve set the bar. What are you gonna do next?’ I was actually very happy to see him and MJF had no wacky stunts. It seemed like an odd night for them to not have anything like that.”

Renee and Moxley became a couple when both were in WWE, but when he left for their main competitor, that could create some tension. She was asked if anything felt strange when she was with WWE and Moxley was with AEW.

“I actually thought it was gonna be weirder than it was, but maybe I just had my head buried in the sand about it. When Jon and I were at WWE together, it wasn’t like we were this couple that was rammed down people’s throats. When we walked through the door, we went in, and did our separate jobs, and then we’d meet each other in the car after and make our way to the next town,” said Renee.

“So, I didn’t think there would be any real effects because I figured I was valued for my own skill aside from him being there. I do think that I was, but once he left, it was, ‘Are people gonna treat me different? Are people gonna start being weird towards me?’ I really didn’t feel that way, and I don’t know if it was more like a slow burn of feeling that happen. It wasn’t an overnight thing, and it might have been nothing.”

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