WWE RAW Superstar Ricochet took to Twitter this evening to dismiss rumors on his future.

It was recently reported, via @Wrestlevotes, that a certain WWE talent has decided not to re-sign with the company once their current contract expires. There was no name given with the report, but there has been a lot of speculation on who the Superstar might be, and there were new online rumors on the report being about Ricochet.

Ricochet shot down those rumors on Twitter today. He posted a GIF dismissing the chatter, and then said he’s never told anyone he’s leaving.

He wrote, “But seriously, where the hell did these rumors start? I’ve never said once that I am leaving. To anyone! So for these ‘dirt sheets’ out there. Maybe facts check before you just blast some trash on your website for some clicks?”

There’s still no solid word on who the report is about, but stay tuned for updates. You can see Ricochet’s full tweets below: