WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has sent a video message to Jey Uso, via Twiter, a day ahead of their title bout at Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

Reigns recorded the video after watching the new WWE Chronicle documentary, which focuses on Jey Uso’s ascension from a tag team specialist to a singles competitor.

“It’s the night before Clash of Champions. You’re [Jey] probably resting or getting ready but I’m here working, man,” Reigns said in a video, which can be seen below.

While praising the documentary, Reigns said that his cousin is trying to reach a level that he has been groomed to be at all his life.

“From the porch to the pay-per-view, only our family can do that. But I’m telling you right now, this ain’t your moment, Uce. I love you, we come from the same bloodline.

“However, I paid attention. I learned differently than you and was groomed differently. You’re over here trying to level up. I live at this level, I am this level. Tomorrow night, I’m going to show you why. Get some sleep, Uce,” added Reigns.

As noted earlier, Reigns solidified his heel turn on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown by attacking Uso from the back with a superman punch.